Short Girl Problems
im 4'6" and 20

Don’t worry you’re definitely not alone. Followers, like this post if you’re 4’6” and below!

I'm actually from a country where girls aren't that tall, but since I'm an exchange student in America, I have to look up to talk to everyone ahah :) And I'm 5'3 which I dont think its that small! They make fun of me, but see on the brightside, the boys think you're cute!

Aww. Yeah, I live in Singapore and everyone is really short so when I go shopping and stuff I actually feel tall. But most of the people in my school are really tall. And yeah, every time I go to America or Europe…it’s like…I just have to look up all the time.

Oh well, embrace the shortness :D

I use feet and inches and I live in Ireland.

Oh, my mistake then, sorry :)

I wasn’t aware Ireland used the imperial system

This is awesome! I can relate to everything on this blog. Thank you so much

no probs :)

I'm 1.54m tall, or short, whichever, i don't know how many feet? that is because I'm south african and we only use cm, and m to indicate length. Sometimes I like being short, I don't have to duck for low slung things, and the odd times I fall, not so far away from the ground that it hurts so much, lol. My only issue is shoes, they don't make my size in "big girl shoes" in South Africa, so I either end up wearing kiddies shoes, or my shoes are too big :/ Anyone else have that issue?

Aww man, that sucks! No, i’m short but, I have size 7 feet so I can easily find shoes. 

Don’t worry mate, where I live, we use the metric system too. It’s only America that uses feet and inches. When people ask me my height I give it in feet and inches and everyone here gets confused because they don’t really know what that is…so they don’t really know exactly how short I am. hehe

when i get angry, people say "you must be a south pole elf"

Aww that’s horrible! 

Short girl should love that they are short. I love short girls and will only date short girls. I find them the most attractive. Love that you are short:)

awww thanks :)

lol im 4 11, my mom is 5 foot \m/

Aww :( Yeah my mom is 5’3 and sometimes she gets mad at me because all her friends’ kids outgrew their parents

and here I am…

lol i mainly feel vertically-challenged around my (almost 6'3") boyfriend and im 5'1" and a quarter XD

Bring a permanent step ladder with you so you can use if every time you wanna make out


there’s nothing wrong with your boyfriend being more than a foot taller than you!